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Amcor and Tyson Foods Cut Film's Carbon Footprint Up to 70%

Article-Amcor and Tyson Foods Cut Film's Carbon Footprint Up to 70%

Amcor Amcor-Tyson-afna-pr-tyson-fritatta-main-packaging-770x400.jpg
Jimmy Dean egg bites and frittatas packaging adopts Amcor’s AmPrima recycle-ready film.

Amcor and Tyson Foods continue to work together to improve the sustainability of packaged foods.

Their latest partnership is for the brand’s Jimmy Dean egg bites and frittatas, which are now are packaged in Amcor’s AmPrima recycle ready forming/non-forming flexible film.

Not only is it a sustainable improvement, Amcor’s R&D developed a solution that was made cost effective by customization of the film.

“This highly innovative solution is the result of a long-standing partnership between Amcor and Tyson Foods to redesign Tyson’s packaging portfolio and help reach their sustainability goals,” says Tara Cruz, principal product development engineer at Amcor. “The packaging is designed to be recycled through in-store drop off or curbside where available. With AmPrima, the package’s sustainability is improved through the manufacturing and recycling process, which also increases the availability of post-consumer recycled content and strengthens the circular economy for plastic.”

Compared to a typical film, Amcor’s AmPrima recycle-ready forming/non-forming film delivers when sent to landfill a…

30% reduction in nonrenewable primary energy demand;

29% reduction in carbon footprint; and a

42% reduction in water consumption.

Packaging sustainability increases more when the AmPrima film is recycled locally.

The benefits improve when the package is recycled through in-store drop off or curbside where available. Specifically, this results in a..

80% reduction in non-renewable primary energy demands;

70% reduction in carbon footprint; and

68% reduction in water consumption.

Data is from an Amcor Asset life-cycle assessment.

“At Tyson Foods, we’re constantly looking for innovative solutions that enable us to be a more sustainable food company, and packaging is a great example of that,” says Jeff Czarny, senior director, research and development, at Tyson Foods. “We’re proud to partner with an industry leader like Amcor on sustainable packaging solutions as we work to build a more sustainable food system, together.”

Tyson Foods and Amcor previously partnered to launch a AmPrima solution for Tyson Instant Pot Meal Kits.

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